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Brawl Pirates
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For me it has always been important to consider not only the probability of winning but also the design when choosing a game. That's why I decided to try this particular game. And after reading numerous Brawl Pirates reviews, I immediately realised that my choice was the right one. Exciting game of chance, simple rules and win in just a few minutes - that's what keeps me in this novelty from 1-win casino to this day.


What I liked most of all is that you can start the game with a minimal amount of money. Just 10 rubles and you are in the game! BUT...There is also a probability of losing them. Therefore, from the first minutes I decided to play carefully and not to throw money on all sides. Maybe it was this tactic that allowed me to increase my deposit after 10 minutes of play.


Cool game!!! I had a strategy for playing Brawl Pirates that brought me very good winnings and still does to this day. I liked that the 1-win has a minimum margin of 2.88 odds for cheating on a three choice. This is a great option to make good money. I also liked the interface of the game - everything looks very stylish and beautiful. I wish more such products - it is not shameful to lose in them!


It's a shame that Brawl Pirates 1win can't be played for free. If the game had a demo mode - I could at least test the game, understand what its RTP is. And so it's a bit dangerous to play for my small bank, despite the fact that there is a fairly low entry threshold - 10 rubles for the minimum bet. It would be very cool to add such a feature, and I can't say anything else about the game.))))))


What I like most is that I can play my favorite game through the official website of a reliable company. I started playing Brawl Pirates since its release and I still do. There were all sorts of things - I lost serious sums and managed to win. The most important thing here is that the game is honest: you can earn money, no extortion of money and other troubles. So play boldly and do not be afraid that you will be divorced.


Simple game rules, great interface, easy to figure out what to do in the game. This machine once took a lot of money from me, but I was able to gradually understand the game and now I play in the plus. Already chipped away, everything is great! I recommend trying it yourself, especially for those who liked to play thimbles as a kid. Especially since the site is quite reliable, has a license and pays the winners always!!!


Didn't really enjoy the game. Overall, I can't say many nasty things about Brawl Pirates. But the thing is that this online game has very limited functionality - that is, just three skulls, you choose whether there is treasure under one or two and that's it. I would like, of course, more action. Otherwise - everything is normal with the game, there is no deception. The main thing that the winnings paid correctly, and with this problem has not seen once...


This is one of my favorite casino games. I love its simple, and intuitive interface that allows me to focus on the game itself. Regular payouts and a great atmosphere make this slot a real treat.


The game Brawl Pirates 1win made me very happy!) Honestly, of all the entertainment options available on the site I always choose this one. I am glad that there is an opportunity to play both a risky game with high odds) and a more reliable option - although with a small odds, but with a higher probability of winning. I used to dislike all these thimbles, but now I'm captivated - I play with pleasure, and even sometimes win!)))


I'll note that the game is the easiest of all the 1win offerings. You just pick one of the three skulls and take the winnings if you hit. No contrivances, no doubling of winnings in super games - simply and quickly played your round and move on to the next. For me, Brawl Pirates is a clear favorite at 1win, thanks to its simplicity and the opportunity to raise a lot of money.


Brawl Pirates: what do you need to know?

Board games have always been popular with gamblers - since ancient times. Everyone remembers the classic “thimbles”: this is a game in which you had to guess under which thimble is the “treasure”. Now such entertainment in modern online casinos a lot, but it is worth highlighting one of them - Brawl Pirates from the service 1win. In it you will play with the same thimbles, but stylized under beautiful skulls. You can choose whether under one or two skulls is your treasure. Choose the right one and you’ll win, but if you miss, Davy Jones will take your real money.

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