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Brawl Pirates

Brawl Pirates 1win - a game for real pirates

Universe of gambling games every year is becoming more and more diverse. Regularly developers create new interesting games that not only charm their users with an interesting interface and cool idea, but also the opportunity to win quite a lot of real money. One of the representatives of such games is Brawl Pirates - casino game 1win. Let’s talk in this article about the rules of this game, pros and cons, as well as ways to earn money in it. Well, if you already know all this, then you can immediately start playing!

Brawl Pirates game

How to play Brawl Pirates 1win?

Brawl Pirates - this is the name of the game from the service 1win, which by genre resembles the good old “thimbles”. The point is that 3 skulls appear on the screen. Under one of them there is a treasure. Your task is to choose this particular skull and take your winnings, which will be calculated with a coefficient of 2.88. It is noteworthy that there is an option to reduce the risk - you can choose a game in which the treasure will be hidden under two skulls out of three. In this case, the winning odds will be 1.44.

Brawl Pirates play

Game Functionality

Despite the fact that Brawl Pirates 1win does not have a very large functionality (due to the genre of the game), the game is of great interest to users. Gamblers can win without much fuss and multiply their profits with high odds. At the same time, the game Bravl Pirate casino also supports and strategies with which you can experiment and make the process more interesting. It is worth noting that the result of the game becomes known in just a few seconds, so you can quickly and in a few clicks significantly increase your initial game capital.

Is there any strategy in Brawl Pirates game?

Many gamblers believe that a good player should have a strategy for playing game Brawl Pirates casino in order to increase the chances of winning. In this judgment there is a rational grain - because in many gambling entertainment game strategies can help not only to get a profit, but also to minimize costs. Strategies there are a great many, and you have to choose for yourself the best.

Note that many gamblers adhere to Brawl Pirates strategy klasicheskogo dogon. You may be familiar with this concept - this strategy is based on doubling the bet after each loss. Here you can slightly minimize the risk, because the odds are quite high - 2.88. You can increase the amount of bet not in 2, but in 1.5 times, and even so the strategy will bring you profit when you win.

Brawl Pirates casino

The model of the catch-up strategy:

  • First round - 100 dollars (losing);
  • Second - 150 dollars (loss);
  • Third - 225 dollars (loss);
  • Fourth round - 340 dollars (win);
  • 340 * 2.88 - (340 + 225 + 150 + 100) = 164.2 dollars. This is the amount of your net profit, which is 1.6 of the initial nominal. Quite good, isn’t it?

Note that you should also pay attention to risk management. You should hardly start with 100 dollars for the first bet, if the whole bank is only 1000 dollars. It is better to use 1-2% of your deposit for the first bet. In the case of 1000 dollars, it will be 10-20 dollars for the starting bet. Observe risk management so that your bank does not burn after a few failures.

Where to play Brawl Pirates for money?

At the moment, Brawl Pirates casino game is only available on 1win’s website. This service is one of the leaders in the availability of crash games among existing casinos. In addition to Brawl Pirates, you can find a lot of other entertainment with the possibility of getting a good win.

Brawl Pirates 1win

Analogs of Brawl Pirates game can meet you and on other gaming sites in online casinos. But the original game is available exclusively through the 1win site. The service is attractive to gamblers not only because it gives you the opportunity to take part in one of the most interesting entertainment called Brawl Pirates 1win, but also gives you other advantages.

Benefits of 1win Casino:

  • Participation in different bonus offers;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds through different popular ways;
  • Quality support service;
  • Availability of a great mobile application;
  • Huge selection of entertainment and much more.

How to start playing Brawl Pirates casino?

To start playing you need to become a client of the 1-win service. The general procedure to start playing Brawl Pirates casino is as follows:

  • Open the 1win website and click on the “Register” button;
  • Fill in the client questionnaire and don’t forget to add the bonus promo code;
  • Confirm your details by entering the code from the SMS;
  • Log in to your personal account on the 1win website;
  • Refill your account in any convenient way and get the deposit bonus;
  • Open the Brawl Pirates game via search;
  • Customize your bet and start playing!

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Are there any bonuses in the Brawl Pirates game?

Unlike many other games offered by online casinos, Brawl Pirates 1win offers a unique gaming experience where traditional in-game bonuses are absent. However, this does not detract from the game’s addictiveness and appeal. Brawl Pirates gives players the ability to customize the gameplay to their own preferences, which makes each game unique and interesting. Arguably, this is the best 1win thimbles game!

One of the key features of the game is the ability to set the number of skulls with rewards. This allows players to adjust the level of risk and potential winnings themselves, making the game more dynamic and gambling. In addition, Brawl Pirates provides players with a unique opportunity to check the honesty of each attempt. By using any hash checking sites or programs, players can ensure that the results are unbiased, which adds transparency and trust to the game.

Brawl Pirates bonus

Bonuses from 1win

In addition to the unique gameplay of Brawl Pirates, 1win offers its users a number of attractive bonuses:

  • 500% deposit bonus on the first four deposits in total, giving new players a significant advantage right from the start.
  • Social media vouchers that provide additional opportunities for bonuses and promotions.
  • Cashback up to 30%, which allows you to return part of the lost funds.
  • 1win coins - a special currency that can be collected during games on the site and exchanged for real money.
  • Freespins and other temporary promotions that are regularly updated and provide players with new opportunities to win.

These bonuses make playing at 1win not only fun but also profitable for players. Thanks to the wide range of bonus offers, every user can find something suitable for them, increasing their chances of success and making the gaming process even more interesting and varied.

How to play from mobile?

Note that players also have access to a mobile version of the service and an application for Android and iOS devices, with the help of which the game Brawl Pirates will become more convenient. This software - as well as the mobile site - has exactly the same functions as the main service. At the same time, the application will allow you not to use 1win mirror to provide access to the site - the program makes it uninterrupted. You can download the software on the 1win website in just a minute and install it on your smartphone.

Brawl Pirates app

Brawl Pirates App

The app in which players will be able to launch Brawl Pirates retains the same functionality as the main service. Therefore, gamers will be able to access the following options:

  • making a deposit and withdrawing earned funds from the account to the casino client’s details;
  • bonus offers and the opportunity to participate in various promotions, drawings, tournaments;
  • round-the-clock assistance of qualified managers who work in the technical support service.

Also in the 1win app you can not only play Brawl Pirates 1win, but also bet on sports. Betting is available in real-time and in prematch format. The platform’s customers will also be able to watch matches using a specially built in video player. Viewing broadcasts is a free bonus.

How do I download the 1win app?

To download the app from Bravl Piratez, you need to load the home page of the official 1win website and scroll to the very bottom. In the lower area there are icons depicting the operating systems of mobile devices on which the program will be downloaded and installed. The player will be left to choose his OS variant and activate the key. After which the download will begin automatically. The main thing before this on a smartphone or tablet to allow downloading files from unknown sources.

After completing the procedure will remain only to install the application with the game Brawl Pirates casino in a suitable folder. The size of the installation file is only 1.5 MB, so the device will not be overloaded after downloading the application. The procedure time takes a few minutes on average.

Brawl Pirates 1win - a game for everyone!

Note also that the game has a fairly simple mechanics and a minimum of functions. Even if you have never gambled before, you can easily understand the possibilities of Brawl Pirates 1win. In order to win in it, you just need to choose the right skull, under which the treasure is hidden. If you have previously had to play thimbles, or you have heard about the rules of the game, then from the first game round easily understand what to do, and the game itself will seem at least entertaining.


What do reviews of real players say about Brawl Pirates casino?

In fact, the game Brawl Pirates 1win characterized by gamblers from a positive side - this is what most reviews say. Many are interested to play in a kind of stylized thimbles, in addition, a fairly high ratio shygrovka can bring a good winnings. Accordingly, players have a minimum of complaints to this entertainment.

How to start Brawl Pirates 1win?

It is enough to register at online casino 1win and deposit funds to the account. Then you need to launch the game Brawl Pirates and adjust the bet, and then start playing.

Does the Brawl Pirates game have any bonuses?

Online game Brawl Pirates 1win does not currently have any additional bonuses. The only interesting option that players may be interested in is to reduce the risk of losing - when you choose to have treasure under two skulls rather than one.

Is it possible to make a lot of money in Brawl Pirates 1win?

Yes, this option is possible. But for this you must be involved and a lot of real money. Brawl Pirates casino is able to almost triple your betting denomination in one game - this is a great opportunity to make a substantial profit both in the moment and over the distance.